Научные работы проф. Гайковича Константина Павловича

Институт физики микроструктур РАН, ГСП-105, Н. Новгород - 603950, Россия


e-mail: gai@ipm.sci-nnov.ru


Publications and CV of Prof. Konstantin P. Gaikovich

Institute for Physics of Microstructures RAS, GSP-105 Nizhny Novgorod – 603950, Russia


e-mail: gai@ipm.sci-nnov.ru


English                CV                  Russian


-          inverse problems of physics, scanning computer tomography and holography

-          images reconstruction in the scanning microscopy (tunneling, near-field optical, atomic-force, Auger, electron, magnetic, and microwave)

-          remote sensing: atmosphere temperature sounding (by radiometry, satellite signals, optical and radio refraction); ozone, water vapor and minor gases radiometry (ground-based, limb-viewing); radiometry subsurface temperature sounding of water, soils, and living tissue; radiometry of layered media (oil films, ice)

-          near-field electromagnetic sounding

-          non-invasive diagnostics of superconductors

-          planet radio astronomy

-          gases radio spectroscopy

-          atmosphere physics


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